For a comprehensive price offer, please submit the following data via e-mail:

  • Waste code and photos
  • Monthly and annual quantity of waste
  • Waste composition (PE, PP, PS, rubber etc.)
  • Waste collection site
  • Cargo capacity per 24 tonne pallet
  • Waste fraction particle size (12 mm, 40 mm or baled in bulk)

* Please note that only waste made ready for transport, i.e. in bales or in big bags / octabins, will be collected.

Cooperation with our company guarantees benefits such as best prices, quick waste collection and safe waste management in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment, according to the hierarchy of waste disposal provided by the European Commission. Our contracting parties are offered top-quality recycled materials and legal support in accordance with the valid environmental protection laws and regulations.

Collection of regrinds of various plastic fractions

Management of post-production plastic waste

Buying lumps and sintered plastics

Treating film material


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