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Waste management for recycling and RDF production

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SPMP Global Solutions Sp. z o.o. is a company specialising in waste management, in particular plastic and rubber waste. The collected waste is used to produce top-quality recycled materials that, depending on chemical composition, used for material recycling or energy recovery as alternative fuels.

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With many years of experience, our company is the leader of comprehensive management of industrial waste (post-production waste) as well as municipal waste. We cooperate both with the largest sorting plants in Europe and with local companies, i.e. regional municipal waste treatment plants and recycling plants that are among the largest ones in Poland; we offer comprehensive waste collection and recovery services.


Cooperation with our company guarantees benefits such as best prices, quick waste collection and safe waste management in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment, according to the hierarchy of waste disposal provided by the European Commission. Our contracting parties are offered top-quality recycled materials and legal support in accordance with the valid environmental protection laws and regulations.

Collection of regrinds of various plastic fractions

Management of post-production plastic waste

Buying lumps and sintered plastics

Treating film material

In addition, SPMP Global Solutions Sp. z o.o. specializes in arrangement of training sessions and workshops concerning environmental protection, waste management and recycling. The entire logistics associated with the arrangement of industry workshops and training sessions is provided. Our offer is complemented by consulting services regarding to environmental protection and recycling.


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